Dance with Mehay, my Wyverns

I'm just wondering if anyone is still here. It's a bit depressing that only two discussions occurred, and I know that a lot of that is my fault. This is pretty pathetic, but I actually forgot that I even made this and found it googling Kiesha'Ra fiction. Yyeah, that's right, I forgot completely. This is also more than a year old and dead.

If anyone is still interested in this, I think we should come up with some ideas to try and keep ourselves active.

If no one's interested, that'll make me a sad bear, but such is life.

Which Book...?-- Discussion
1. Is your favorite?

2. Focuses on your favorite character?

3. Has your favorite scene?

4. Would you most liked to have lived?

5. What's your favorite shape-shifting race?

6. What type of shape-shifters do you think you would most fit in with?

Answer just for kicks =]

My answers:

1. Hawksong. Defnintely. I love the raw emotion in it, I really do. It's beautiful and exciting. I also find that Wyvernhail is a close second because of the way the whole history of the Dasi comes together and because of Hai's voice.

2. Snakecharm focuses on my favorite character. I love Zane. The book itself disappointed me though and I found it weird that Zane's book would be less focused on emotion than Danica's considering he's Serpiente. But then I also think it makes sense because a book with war in it like Hawksong will always be very emotional.

3. I'm actually not sure what my favorite scene is. I'm a huge fan of the prologue diary entries, though. My favorite scenes would have to be Danica comforting Gregory in Snakecharm as well as the scenes about the Dasi and Anjay in Wyvernhail.

4. I would have liked to live in Falcondance when there was a Wyvern's court, but before Oliza was kidnapped and before Sale was almost killed. Falcondance strikes me as the most peaceful of the novels other than Snakecharm as nothing's going on that affects the entire civilization. And I would rather live Falcondance than Snakecharm because that way both cultures would be available in one city.

5. I definitely love the Serpiente. I love the dancing and the freedoms especially when it comes to women. You won't be called a slut for something stupid with the Serpiente and the penalty for rape is beyond fitting. It just seems like between being social and friendly and lively, the Serpiente have the most fun but they can be serious and get things done as well. The grace and beauty that they're all born with wouldn't be too bad either ;)

6. It's hard to say. I'm not as social as the Serpiente, but I'm not nearly as reserved as the Avians. I'm definitely liberal and laid back and if I had been raised to be around people constantly, I'm sure I wouldn't have resented it. I don't know much about the wolves, but Kalisa's pack seemed friendly and celebratory and her wolves seem to me from the few you meet in the novels to be quieter, with their emotions slightly deeper down (in a serene way) than the Serpiente, but much more festive and raucous at times than the Avians. With that and a defenseive loyalty, I can't decide whether I would fit in more with Serpiente or the wolves of Kalisa's pack.

And now
The first post that you better all respond to =P. Just kidding, but it is the first real interactive post rather than me just droning on haha.

Mainly, I'm trying to figure out what you all are interested in-- discussion, fanfiction, fanart, roleplaying or all of it? It's especially important that I know who wants to be involved in roleplaying because that takes some organization and brings up questions about what way you all prefer to roleplay-- over aim, message boards, journal-and-comment, etc.

So, any comments about what you would enjoy doing in this community would be very appreciated =]

First Things First-- Rules
For organization's sake, as well as the sake of members and other readers, these rules will be followed:

1. The category that the post belongs to (fanfiction/art, discussion,  roleplay) should be indicated in the title so that those who recieve it as a message in their inbox can easily decide whether or not it interests them.
2. The type of post should also be indicated in the tags so that those browsing our community can also decide by category which posts will interest them.
3. Long fanfiction pieces and large art pieces must be posted as a cut. You may use your own judgment on posting as a cut  unless I request specifically that you do so.
4. Fanfiction should also have the basics listed outside of the cut such as title, paring or characters, rating or warnings, and a summary.
5. Drama is not welcome. The line between debating and flaming can sometimes be fine, but it is still there. Name calling and discrimination will not be tolerated and can result in expulsion from this group.

If anyone has any questions or suggestions about the rules or the community itself at any time, please feel free to contact me. =]

To anyone reading this, welcome to the Kiesha'Ra community where you can celebrate ahar's brilliant characters in any way you wish to-- setting up roleplays, posting fanfiction in the form of prose or even poetry, posting fanart, or even simply discussing how awesome the series is. All genres (AU, canon, slash, hetero, etc.) and Kiesha'Ra related posts are completely welcome!

I hope you're as excited as I am because I've been dying for a Kiesha'Ra community and truly hope that this one works out now that I've finally gotten my lazy hands to do the work!



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